Coronation Street star's surprise message to Norfolk care team

Actor Will Mellor during his video message to Manorcourt Care 

Actor Will Mellor during his video message to Manorcourt Care - Credit: The Viral Group Team

There was a welcome surprise for staff at a Norfolk care company as they received a special message of thanks from a popular TV soap star.

Manorcourt Homecare, which has services in Norwich, Dereham, Swaffham, Watton, Griston, Attleborough and Thetford, were praised by Coronation Street actor Will Mellor. 

The actor, who has also appeared in Hollyoaks, White Van Man and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, showed his appreciation to staff after being approached by Dereham care coordinator Calais Roberts. 

Her request to get a shout out for her 15 colleagues was granted through the Viral Group Team after she had written to say an outbreak of Covid in the Dereham area in late January had made it "an extremely difficult and emotional time" for all her carers.

In the video message, Mr Mellor says: "I have got a message for all the carers at Manorcourt care. It's from Calais Roberts and she just wants to let you know how much you are all appreciated and thank you for all the work you do and have been doing. 

"I know it's been tough up in Norfolk towards the end of January with Covid and all that, and it's been an emotional time so I just want to say how much you are all appreciated." 

He went on to praise the Norfolk company's manager Jeni Cawkill for her efforts and told the staff to keep up their good work. 

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Mrs Roberts said: "It was lovely to receive the message and I could not believe he did and how long it took for him to reply.

"The video has gone on Manorcourt Care's social media and everyone shared it like anything." 

Manorcourt Homecare is part of the Healthcare Home Group which provides care in residential and nursing home settings across the east and south of England.