Convicted murderer’s attack on child killer shocks Norfolk victim’s sister

Juvinai Ferreira. Pic: Submitted.

Juvinai Ferreira. Pic: Submitted.

A Norfolk woman said she was 'gobsmacked' to discover the man convicted for the murder of her sister attacked child killer Mark Bridger in a high-security jail.

murder victim Elaine Walpole, found dead in her flat in Dereham on April 29. for Elaine Maslin

murder victim Elaine Walpole, found dead in her flat in Dereham on April 29. for Elaine Maslin

Juvinai Ferreira, 22, who was told he must serve at least 22 years in prison before being considered for parole after being found guilty at Norwich Crown Court in 2009 of murdering Elaine Walpole in Dereham in 2008, pleaded guilty to wounding Bridger when he appeared at Leeds Crown Court via video-link.

Ferreira attacked the 47-year-old in Wakefield Prison after Bridger was sentenced to life in jail for murdering April Jones, five, in Wales last year.

No details of the attack were given in court but according to reports at the time of the attack, which happened on July 7, Bridger needed hospital treatment to a face wound after he was slashed with a makeshift knife.

Ferreira, who is originally from Gambia, will next appear at the court for sentencing on October 2.

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At one point in the 20-minute hearing Ferreira, a convicted murderer, asked one of his guards: 'I thought this was going to be quick?'

After Judge Christopher Batty told him the case was going to be adjourned, Ferreira said to him: 'Can you just not sentence me? I can't keep coming back.'

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Judge Batty told him he needed a pre-sentence report to assess his level of dangerousness and decide whether a second life term was appropriate.

Jill Burrell, 48, who lives in Dereham, said she was 'gobsmacked' to find out the man who brutally murdered her sister had carried out the attack but said they were 'both monsters'.

Mrs Burrell hoped news of the attack would 'let people see him for what he is' but said seeing Ferreira's name in the news again brings the nightmare of what he did to her sister 'all back'.

She said: 'It sort of brings it all back for my dad and that. I phoned him up and told him. It's not very nice. You think he's been put away and he's still doing what he's doing. He should rot in hell but even that is too good for him.'

Ferreira was told he must serve at least 22 years before being considered for parole after being convicted of murder of 47-year-old Elaine Walpole at her home in Driebholz Court, Dereham, in April 2008.

He had denied the charges of rape, murder and affray, but a jury at Norwich Crown Court unanimously found him guilty.

The defendant claimed he was 16 at the time of the offence and 17 when he was found guilty. Judge Peter Jacobs lifted an order which had banned Ferreira from being named.

Detectives believed the suspect was older and pursued lines of enquiry to prove it, which led to the subsequent delay in sentencing

Radiographs of the defendant's wrists, clavicles and lower jaw (wisdom teeth) were examined by bone and dental experts.

Their findings, when compared with reference data obtained from the Gambia, established he was at least 20.

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