Controversial scaffolding posing safety threat to come down from Great Yarmouth flats

Resident, Ivan Page of Malakoff Close, Yarmouth is upest that scaffolding has been left around the f

Resident, Ivan Page of Malakoff Close, Yarmouth is upest that scaffolding has been left around the flats months after works have been completed. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Scaffolding around blocks of Great Yarmouth flats that had been described as posing a safety threat are finally due to be removed today.

Scaffolding had been put earlier up this year in the Malakoff Close and Abyssinia Road area so roof repairs could be carried out by GY Norse.

While the work finished some weeks ago the scaffolding remained, leading to Malakoff Close resident Ivan Page saying they posed a problem.

Mr Page, 52 and a postman, said loose scaffolding had been left and youths had climbed the structures and caused a nuisance - leading to calls to the police.

A spokesman for Great Yarmouth Borough Council said the scaffolding was due to be removed by Friday.

He added: 'GY Norse, which is responsible for the responsive repairs and asset management of Community Housing properties, has been undertaking an 18-month works programme at estates in a number of areas.

'As part of this, roofing works have been undertaken at Malakoff Close/Abyssinia Road area, which has required the installation of scaffolding to provide access for workers. Works here have completed in recent weeks.

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'The principal contractor has an obligation to maintain the scaffolding under safe working practices, including taking steps to minimise the risk of unauthorised access, such as by removing ladders to the first level when no one is on site.

'In addition, GY Norse routinely visits properties, liaises with the contractor and flags-up any issues identified.

'Once work is completed, the principal contractor is responsible for removing scaffolding. Any delay in removal is entirely at their own costs.

'While the timing for removal is in the hands of the principal contractor and their scaffolding contractor, GY Norse asks that scaffolding is removed within a month of practical completion of works. In this case, the scaffolding is currently being removed and the contractor expects it to be fully removed by Friday.'

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