Consultation plans given the go-ahead over Reepham’s development

A consultation about creating a community document over development in Reepham will be taking place after the idea was given the go-ahead at the annual town meeting.

If created, a neighbourhood plan would be used as part of the planning process to put across residents' views about potential expansion plans for the town during discussions between Broadland councillors.

Les Paterson, chairman of Reepham Town Council which held the recent meeting, said a team had been created to lead the project.

Headed up by Reepham district councillor Chris Wheeler and town councillor Mike Cowdrey, the decision to put together the planning document would be decided after the consultation. Mr Paterson added it could take between a year and 18 months for the plan to be completed at a cost of about �20,000.

The debate came about after two sites, Cawston Road and Park Lane/Dereham Road, which could house up to 450 new properties between them, were selected by Broadland Council in autumn last year.

Following a consultation, which ended in December, Mr Paterson said people were not happy with the selected areas and another two have been highlighted by residents as preferred sites.

These areas will be looked at by Broadland Council later on this year, according to Mr Paterson.

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He added: 'We (Reepham Town Council) have put our objections to Broadland Council (about the original sites) and they are considering that. We are not happy about the two sites which have been selected. Our point of view is that the only development in Reepham should be sustainable with regard to the infrastructure.'

For more information about the consultation, call town council clerk Jo Boxall on 01603 873355 or email

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