Conservatives win back Gorleston seat in Norfolk County Council by-election

Newly elected councillor for Gorleston St Andrews, Graham Plant. Picture: James Bass

Newly elected councillor for Gorleston St Andrews, Graham Plant. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

The Conservatives have won back a Norfolk County Council seat following a by-election.

Graham Plant has been elected councillor for Gorleston St Andrews, winning the seat back from UKIP who ousted him from the county council two years ago.

The by-election was prompted by the departure of former councillor Matthew Smith, who left after pleading guilty to a charge related to electoral fraud.

The count was held at Great Yarmouth Town Hall tonight, with the results declared earlier than expected just after 11pm.

A total of 2,053 votes were cast - a turn out of 27.9 per cent. The results were as follows:

Tony Harris (Lib Dem) - 66

Adrian Myers (UKIP) - 285

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Graham Plant* (C) - 876

Harry Webb (Green) - 51

Tony Wright (Labour) - 773

Speaking after, Mr Plant said: 'I am very pleased. We've been out campaigning hard. We lost to UKIP last time and we wanted to make sure that didn't happen again.

'I'd like to thank everyone who turned out to vote and who supported us, we've had lots of support on the ground. I'd especially like to thank Joe Mooney who was injured in that car accident whilst out campaigning.'

Looking to the months ahead, Mr Plant added: 'I now plan to find out how the Conservatives are faring at the county council to begin with, and what the committee system is looking like. I'll be lending a lot of support to the Conservative group there; it's the start of a lot of changes.'

Mr Plant is also leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

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