Confirmation date give for Acle Straight improvement work

Acle Straight seen from the air.
Photo: Mike Page

Acle Straight seen from the air. Photo: Mike Page - Credit: Courtesy Mike Page

Highways England says it is committed to improving driver safety ahead of work on the A47 Acle Straight that will lead to road closures.

The government roads agency has confirmed that work is due to start on Monday, February 13 involving improving traffic signs, road markings and kerb alignment at the A47 and A1064 roundabout; improving warning signs, road markings, and hazard posts at farm accesses around Wherryman's Way, and improving advance direction and warning signs at the Halvergate junction.

The work comes ahead of consultations into major upgrades elsewhere on the A47 that will start in the spring.

Highways England project sponsor Steve Cox, confirming work is due to start on February 13, said: 'Highways England is committed to improving driver safety across all of our roads, and the work we are doing on the A47 show that safety is our priority both in Norfolk and across the East of England.

We believe these safety measures will deliver real benefits to help address a history of collisions on this stretch of road and right turns at the Halvergate junction.'

Highways England has made a temporary prohibition of traffic order for the A47 and A12 trunk roads - Acle to Great Yarmouth – with the works 'expected to take place over two weeks' as they are carried out between 8pm and 6am.

The order would enforce the closure of the A47 eastbound and westbound carriageways between the A47/A1064 roundabout at Acle and the A47/A12/A149 Vauxhall Roundabout at Yarmouth, and the A12 northbound and southbound carriageways between the A47/A12 Vauxhall Roundabout and the A12 Tesco roundabout at Yarmouth.

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During the overnight closures, it would mean that traffic from the A1064 roundabout will be diverted northward along the A1064 to Billockby, then east towards Caister, then south along Caister bypass, Yarmouth Road, Lawn Avenue, North Quay and Pasteur Road to rejoin the A12 at Great Yarmouth and vice versa for southbound traffic.

During the works, there will be restricted access to and from the Vauxhall Holiday Park and to the A47 from its junction with Branch Road.

Highways England announced that it would look at new safety measures on the stretch of road between Yarmouth and Acle when it was given the green light for a multimillion upgrade to the A47 in 2015.

It is delivering £15 billion of Government investment between 2015 and 2020 to improve England's trunk roads and motorways, including £400 million worth improvements on the A47.

This will include dualling of the A47 between Norwich and Dereham, improving the A11 and A47 Thickthorn junction; dualling the A47 between Norwich and the Acle Straight, and improving junctions throughout Great Yarmouth, including reconstructing the Vauxhall roundabout.

There will be six weeks of consultations on these works.

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