Community quilt will return to its rightful place at Dereham Memorial Hall

Judy Rogers with the quilt which is to be hung at the Memorial Hall in Dereham. Picture: Matthew Ush

Judy Rogers with the quilt which is to be hung at the Memorial Hall in Dereham. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

A community quilt which was created to celebrate the renovation of Dereham's Memorial Hall is set to be returned to its rightful place.

As part of the celebrations of the reopening of the historic hall in 2011 after a £2.6m refurbishment, Judy Rogers spearheaded a project to make a patchwork blanket.

The scheme won a grant from Breckland Council and several organisations, including the Salvation Army and those who are visually impaired, were given basic materials to create their own contribution.

Predominantly red and gold – the official colours of Dereham – the double bed-sized quilt then hung proudly within the hall building.

Members of the public, however, were dismayed when the commemorative blanket was removed from the venue, prompting a number of people to contact the town council.

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Officials said it was taken down due to a 'misunderstanding' and there are now plans to have it back on display in the Norwich Street building in the near future.

Mrs Rogers, who runs the Little Gallery, said she had taken the blanket with her when the gallery moved from the Memorial Hall to the next door building. There had been plans to hang it in Dereham's Community Hub – but Mrs Rogers has since spoken to both the district and town councils, and it will return to the Memorial Hall.

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'It's a really stunning piece of work and it's all properly put together by a textile artist,' she said. 'A lot of hard work went into it and it should be in the Memorial Hall.'

The quilt took about 18 months to create from the original idea to fruition.

A Dereham Town Council spokesman said: 'We are pleased that the display will be going back up in the hall; its removal was down to a misunderstanding rather than any desire to see it removed on the part of the town council.'

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