Community encouraged to get to know the River Nar at Castle Acre

Norfolk Rivers Trust project manager Emily Long at the River Nar community day, Castle Acre. Picture

Norfolk Rivers Trust project manager Emily Long at the River Nar community day, Castle Acre. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

People were encouraged to get to know their river as part of a community day.

Norfolk Rivers Trust organised the event at the River Nar in Castle Acre on Saturday.

The day included guided walks along the banks of the Nar from Castle Acre to West Acre as well as a tutorial on wildlife photography.

A popular part of the day amongst the children was river dipping which saw youngsters collect and examine, with help from experts, some of the wildlife that calls the river home.

Dr Jonah Tosney, Norfolk Rivers Trust Nine Rivers Project Officer, said: 'The day is about informing people about the Nar and helping them realise what lives in there.

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'There are hundreds of species that live between the banks.

'If people know more about what lives in it they are more likely to care about the river and look after it.'

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Creatures taken from the river could be examined under a microscope and experts were on hand to explain what each insect, fish or tadpole was before they were safely returning them to the water.

Dr Tosney said: 'Like many rivers in Norfolk the River Nar is a chalk river which means that usually they are very clean and clear.

'It is probably one of the best rivers in the county and it is easily accessible.

'There are not many rivers you can get down to safely to do this sort of thing.

'You can see the children love it, half of them have been in up to their wastes. They don't seem to mind.'

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