Comments of the week

Comments of the week

Comments of the week - Credit: Archant

Every week we look back at some of the biggest stories that got you talking and highlight a few comments that stood out to us.

This weeks big story that had you all talking was how Norfolk nurseries reacted to the claim from South West Norfolk MP, Elizabeth Truss that Nurseries didn't teach children good manners. Here are just some of the comments:


'I got news for Ms Truss. My daughter plus just a couple of friends, when toddlers, could turn the whole house into Chaos City. It's called 'being a toddler'. It is also nothing to do with good manners. My daughter learnt by example at home, always sitting up for meals, saying please and thank you and expressing her gratitude when invited to parties or offered something. And always always writing thank you letters for presents. Not difficult but if it is an integral part of the whole family life then you dont have to rely on teachers and others to instil manners into your own children. But I was grateful to her class teacher who sat with the girls every lunchtime and taught them how to use a knife and fork properly and have a polite conversation.'

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'Well done Liz glad you are sorting these problems out, the poxy unions will moan but all they care about is there money from there members. Good schools have not got a problem but poor ones need to improve.'


'That dreadful euphemism 'settings' is creeping into our vocabulary now to describe pre-schools. As Wordsworth wrote, 'The child is father of the man', so getting it right in the early years is absolutely imperative. The products of the casual, laid-back, do-what-you-like sandpit stuff presided over by namby-pamby, wishy-washy good-for-nothings are all around us - idle, unskilled and unemployed. Time to buck up and give our infants a better start. I'm on the side of Elizabeth Truss and I hope she prevails.'

Daisy Roots

'Truss is right for the wrong reasons. She is right that nursery provision has been chaotic and that some children are failed. What she fails to acknowledge is all the research which points to early nursery education being an unnatural and stressful environment for small children and that the evidence points to elevated levels of hormones produced in response to stress, She also ignores that when children who attend nurseries are regarded as being more confident, their assertive behaviour can be the result of trying to keep their heads above water and be a negative and not a positive contribution to future well being. She also ignores that small children confined to nurseries from the age of six months until school age must have a stunted and unprecedentedly unnatural upbringing.Then there is the matter of the contribution of the staff to the happiness of the children and whether they are more Victorian baby farmers than Jean Brodies for infants. Inspectors must reveal what sort of day and what sort of environment little kids can be enduring for four years and how it compares with the childhood children previously enjoyed with one of their parents and siblings. Experienced infant and junior school teachers must have noticed a deterioration in the way children of all classes are behaving when they reach school. To expect to rectify this by being strict with two year olds confined in nurseries-can Truss hear what she is saying?'

Also from our facebook pages we have has these responses:

Claire Brown

'It's up to the parents to teach their children manners Not a nursery or a school. Parents need to take responsibility for their children and stop blaming others for their downfalls!'

Anne Powley

'Sadly though there are far too many parents who don't have a clue about manners - maybe it's these parents she's trying to target. Good manners cost nothing but are essential for promoting a better community/society.'

Melanie Kershaw

'I was taught manners at home. I have taught my kids manners at home and they have been reinforced at nursery. I don't have a problem with nurseries except maybe more should be done for school preparedness. It's what happens at school that allows manners, respect and decency to fail as these are not reinforced at schools. It's too much PC and softly-softly towards bad behaviour that allows the youth of today to run riot.'

Andrew Stronach

'Utter tosh. It's up to parents to teach their children how to behave. Schools can help but is down to the parents at the end of the day.'

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the story with their opinions and thoughts.

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