Comedian Jason Manford in good form at Jarrolds, Norwich, ahead of Showground show

Award winning comedian Jason Manford was on good form at Jarrolds yesterday, ahead of his show at The Norfolk Showground.

Despite having travelled all the way from Manchester, setting off at 11.30am, and being held up on the motorway after a crash caused delays, he arrived at 5.45pm in chirpy mood, if a little uncomfortable.

'I'm dying for a wee,' he said.

'As soon as I left the house I knew, I thought 'loads of time, might even stop off, might have a coffee', no, not stopped off, not had a wee; nothing. I'm absolutely bursting.'

Mr Manford spoke to the Evening News on Wednesday, and remarked then how comedians found Norwich hard to get to, but always felt it was worth the journey.

'People have paid a lot of money in the recession to come and see ya, I think you owe it to them.

'And it's nice to meet people, I've just met a couple of people in the queue, whose heckles made it into the DVD, because I repeated the story at The Apollo in London.'

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'It's nice when you meet people who have been to the show, they share the same sense of humour as you, because I like my jokes and so do they.

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