Come and see how King’s Lynn’s flood defences work

People in King's Lynn are invited to King's Staithe Square on Tuesday to see how the town's flood defences operate.

The Environment Agency will be working with West Norfolk council to practice emergency procedures when high tides threaten to flood King's Lynn. Flood gates and dam boards along the frontage, used to protect King's Lynn from flooding, will be checked and operated.

Emergency temporary defences will also be demonstrated which can be used if a gate fails, if there is a breach or where there has been damage to the original defence.

EA staff will be on hand to advise the public about preparing for, dealing with and recovering from flooding.

EA team leader Alan Daniels said: 'The tide normally comes in at King's Lynn below four metres. When it is forecast to rise above four metres, our workforce is out shutting some or all of the 54 flood gates and 18 dam boards that help protect King's Lynn.What we'll be doing is part of the regular testing and checking of both equipment and procedures that we do with our partners to make sure we can operate the gates effectively and quickly when we need to.

'This is a great opportunity for people to come along to see how we do it, ask any questions they have and find out about flood risk where they live and what they can do about it.'

The event is being run as part of Exercise Watermark, which takes place nationally from March 7 to 11.

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It is one of the biggest ever emergency exercises to take place in the UK and is designed to test the country's response to all types of flooding. Players will be based at Norfolk police's headquarters at Wymondham and at incident rooms around the county.