Colton mother continues to raise money for life-saving equipment

A mother from Colton, east of Norwich, is continuing her fundraisng efforts for life-saving equipment in memory of her daughter who died suddenly aged just 26.

Young farmer Lucie Proctor, pictured right, died of sudden adult death syndrome when she suffered a cardiac arrest during a work Christmas party in 2008. Despite efforts to save her life, she died five days later in hospital.

Annette Alston, Mrs Proctor's mother, along with other family and friends have previously raised �20,000 so automated external defibrillators (AEDs) can be set up around the county.

AEDs are portable electronic devices that automatically diagnose cardiac incidents and apply electrical therapy to allow the heart to re-establish an effective rhythm.

And now fundraising efforts have taken place in the village to raise over �1,500 to buy a defibrillator for their village.

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Mrs Alston, whose daughter had been married for 18 months to farmer Rob Proctor and worked as membership services manager for Anglia Farmers, said: 'We felt at the time that had there been a defibrillator available then that may have made a difference.

'We wanted to keep raising money and trying to give as many to the community as we can.'

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She added: 'They [AEDs] are like fire extinguishers; you have it but hope that you never need it.

'It's about getting the word across about what they are and what they do.'

As well as local fundraising, the Norfolk farming club has also supported the cause as Mrs Proctor was past chairman of Dereham Young Farmers, and her husband was Norfolk Young Farmers Club county chairman for 2007/8.

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