Meet the litter-picking pup saving the environment one walk at a time 

Dog picking up litter with teeth

Coco, finding litter one walk at a time - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

She is just seven months old, but already Coco is doing her bit to keep the environment clean and litter-free. 

With her owner Camilla Cross in tow, the adorable Jack Russel is unable to resist carrying all sorts of abandoned plastics home to pop into the recycling bin.

Coco is helping to litter pick during her walks

Coco the puppy is helping to litter pick during her walks - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

From bottles to biscuit trays and crisp wrappers to juice cartons, Coco is one determined four-legged eco-warrior.

Miss Cross, of Church Street, Horsford, explained how it first began.

“She started doing it a few months back,” she said.

“I used to try and take the rubbish off her but one day she found a particularly big bit and would not let me have it.

“She carried it for the duration of our walk and, when we got home, she sat by the recycling bin with it. Now it’s something she just continues to do.

Dog sitting next to recycling wheelie bin

Coco beside her recycling bin - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

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“Coco has been determined to keep her local dog-walking route clean and will now frequently insist on picking up and carrying litter from all our walks, bringing it all the way home - often a long way for a little dog - so that I can put it in our wheelie bin for her.”

Camilla Cross holding Coco so she can release litter into the recycling bin

Camilla Cross holding Coco so she can release litter into the recycling bin - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

No stranger to stardom, Coco has also appeared as Pup of the Day in the Eastern Daily Press when she was just nine weeks old. And it’s easy to see why.

With her happy expression and playful nature, Coco is able to charm even the coldest of hearts, as Miss Cross explained.

Camilla Cross with her puppy, Coco

Camilla Cross with her puppy, Coco - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

The 37-year-old said: “She is a strange and unique character.

“Everyone loves looking at her and we get stopped by many people on our walks who want to give her some attention.

“As well as her walks, she also loves playing games and enjoying time with her friends during her puppy playdates.”

Dog and owner going walk walk

Coco and her owner, Camilla Cross, going for a walk - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

The pair have pledged to continue their efforts after being further inspired by Norfolk Day’s Big Clean Up campaign. 

The campaign was launched ahead of the annual Norfolk Day celebration and is a push to get our communities spick and span.

Coco picks up an abandoned mask

Coco picks up an abandoned mask - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

- This year's Norfolk Day is sponsored by Richardson's.

- Details of how to enter Norfolk's Best Kept Village and Norfolk's Best Kept Town will be announced soon online and in our papers.

- To buy a celebration Norfolk Day pack ahead of July 27, visit the website.