Clean bandits - youths made to wash fleet of Fakenham police cars as payback for theft

Picture: Denise Bradley

Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

Four youths from North Norfolk have spent their Sunday scrubbing up the fleet of police cars as payback for theft.

The youngsters have repaid their victim but, as a form of community payback, have been made to wash the fleet of police vehicles at Fakenham police station.

'All parents were fully supportive of the idea, as was the victim,' said a police spokesman. 'Arriving at Fakenham police station at 8.30am they were supervised by an officer on light duties and actually they did a good job between them.

'Sunday morning is the usual day for basic vehicle maintenance so by doing this task it allowed police officers at Fakenham to get on with other tasks for a bit, which is where the 'community' payback comes in.

After the job was done the youths were taken on a tour of the station and introduced to everyone, in an effort to engage with them in a positive way.

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