Claxton tragedy: mourning villagers attend church service

Villagers mourning the death of four men have attended a church service today during which prayers were said for them

A Holy Communion service was held at All Saints Church in Stanton this morning where many villagers turned out as they try to come to terms with the tragedy.

Brothers Tom, 26, and Dan Hazelton, 30, Peter Johnson, 42, and Adam Taylor, 28, were all crushed to death while working at Clacton Engineering Services Limited in Great Yarmouth on Friday.

Describing the current feeling in the community, Reverend David Messer - who has spoken to some of the grieving families - said: 'The feeling here is one of a sense of loss, bemusement and sadness. The whole community is affected, it has far-reaching consequences. There is shock, not least because of the way the tragedy happened - while people were doing their jobs.'

Did you know any of the four men and would like to pay tribute? Call 01473 324736 or email