Classrooms mark new era for Great Yarmouth school

A new classroom is craned onto the site of Edward Worlledge school

A new classroom is craned onto the site of Edward Worlledge school - Credit: Archant

New classrooms have been craned onto the site of a Great Yarmouth school as it prepares to take on extra pupils.

The buildings have been carefully lowered into Edward Worlledge Junior as it gets set to welcome some new faces as part of its plans to expand into a primary.

The Suffolk Road school is set to double its numbers as part of a £2.3m investment to help accommodate the shortfall of pupil places in the borough. Under the Norfolk County Council scheme Southtown Infant will also grow into a primary, with both schools expanding to take reception age children all the way through to 11.

Andrea Howes, teaching assistant at Edward Worlledge, said it was exciting to see the new buildings arrive at the school.

'It was an incredible feat of engineering,' she said. 'There was this huge crane that managed to shoehorn its way onto the playground. It picked up the classrooms and just stuck them together like a big 3D Lego set.'

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Andrea added: 'It's almost as if it's a new phase in the school's history. The school has been on that site for over 100 years, it's quite incredible how far the history goes back.'

It took two days to crane in the new classrooms, which will be home to the school's first influx of reception age children. With each new academic year pupil numbers will steadily grow as a new cohort is welcomed.

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In the long term there are plans to demolish some of the school so it has room to further expand.

At Southtown, where a new school logo has been introduced to reflect its change to a primary, remodelling works are being carried out to take on extra pupils.

The expansion of both schools has been hailed as great news for the borough, which is suffering from a lack of pupil places.

The Inspiration Trust, which runs Great Yarmouth Primary Academy, is bidding to open a new school for 11 - 18 year olds, while county council plans to open a secondary on the site of the Co-op in the market place have foundered.

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