Christmas baby for Attleborough family

The Noble children, Ben, 15, Ella, 11, and Thea, eight, woke up at their Attleborough home on Christmas morning to find the best Christmas present ever - a new baby sister.

Parents Adrian and Cheryl Noble had been expecting their fourth child on December 12, but by Thursday, December 23 there was still no sign and Cheryl had to be induced.

A day later the labour finally started and Edie May was the first Christmas baby to arrive at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital at 1.03am, weighing 7lbs and 6oz.

Mrs Noble said: 'It was so lovely to be able to get home before the other children woke up. I was so obsessed about having to get home for them.

'When they came down they saw me and thought I had given up and come home, but then they saw nanny holding the baby and their faces were a picture.'

Mr Noble, who stepped in to cook Christmas dinner with his son Ben, said: 'It was quite a shock, as we thought she would come earlier, but a really nice surprise to have a Christmas baby.'

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital had a very busy Christmas period. Just six babies arrived on December 23, but Christmas Eve saw 15 new arrivals and there were 16 on Christmas Day.

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