Chloe, aged 10, starts her own business

A 10-year-old Norfolk entrepreneur is set to launch her own business selling dog biscuits.

Many famous billionaires started the entrepreneurial dream at an early age.

Sir Richard Branson had his first successful business at the age of 16 and Sir Alan Sugar was well on the road to success in his teenage years.

And at the age of 10, Chloe Sperry from Briston, near Fakenham, has already set up her own business, creating and selling dog biscuits.

The business will be officially launched at GreenBuild 2010, an event organised by North Norfolk District Council, to be held at Felbrigg Park, near Cromer, later this month.

Chloe has learned about the world of business from her mother, Erika Sperry, 43, who runs a cake and desserts company, Frances Fiennes.

The company name is based on a fictional character created by Miss Sperry and has inspired Chloe to name her business Victoria Fiennes Doggy Delights, with Victoria being Chloe's middle name.

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Chloe has come up with her own ingredients, logo and packaging, worked out the costing and a marketing strategy.

She works from home and, like a true entrepreneur, Chloe has been networking to help get the business off the ground.

She said: 'My grandmother's cleaner works at Budgens in Holt. Through this link I've made contact with the store and they have shown an interest in putting my dog biscuits on their shelves. I'm also looking to get the product into pet shops, farm shops and on sale at farmers' markets.'

Chloe has been perfecting her ingredients by judging the reactions of her own dogs – two adult and four puppy labradoodles.

The biscuits will be available in various flavours, including garlic and cheese, plain cheese, peanut butter and carrot and there will also be gluten-free biscuits available.

Chloe said: 'I've looked at what other dog foods are out there and I think I'm offering something different, with unusual flavours which my dogs absolutely adore. I'm also offering more for less.

'At the Norfolk Dog Day I saw a company offering bags of 150g for �2. I'm selling packs of 175g for �1.80 and I will donate 25pc of what I make to charity.

'I will donate money from the GreenBuild event to Holt war memorial and consider other charities for future events.'

She added: 'I think this could be a long-term business that could develop and grow.

'In 10 years' time I could use the fact the business was started when I was 10 to market it.

'People will see that it is something that I care about and have worked hard on.'

Chloe got the taste for business success last year when she sold biscuits at a Christmas fun day at Fakenham High School and made a profit of �42 in three hours.

She is a member of 1st Holt Scouts and started the business to gain the recently-introduced entrepreneurs badge.

The Astley Primary School pupil set up her company with a �100 loan from her mother.

Miss Sperry said: 'This has all been Chloe's work and the only thing I've done is turn the oven on now and again.

'This is a really good experience for her and it is great for children to understand about business.

'So many kids get everything for nothing and Chloe is learning about working hard for rewards.

'She pays me back for all the costs and does what she wants with what she makes.'

GreenBuild 2010 will be on September 11 and 12 from 10.30am to 4pm.

To find out more about Victoria Fiennes Doggy Delights, call 01263 861072.