Children ambush city bus

Two youths ambushed a bus by tying a rope across a street in Norwich before smashing its window with a brick.

Two youths ambushed a bus by tying a rope across a street in Norwich before smashing its window with a brick.

The incident happened in Mansfield Lane at about 7.35pm on Thursday when the bus was travelling towards Hall Road.

The bus driver had to slow down due to a rope being placed across the road and the two youngsters - who may have been as young as ten-years-old - threw a brick through a bus window. Police are also investigating a separate attack on a bus driver on Saturday.

Bosses at First busses yesterday condemned the vandalism saying it could have injured the driver or passengers. On this occasion nobody was hurt but the repairs cost more than £2,000.

PC John Morgan said: “This was a potentially very dangerous incident that could have had serious consequences regarding both the rope across the road and the brick through the window.”

First managing director Peter Iddon said: “We take this reckless vandalism extremely seriously and so do the police. The perpetrators seem to have no idea of the dangers of serious injury or worse that could result from this type of vandalism.

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“When a missile hits a window, it can cause it to explode and shower passengers with glass. A brick or stone can travel well into the bus and could be fatal to a child, an elderly person or indeed any other passenger.

“The distraction of the driver from the road, for even a split second, could also have serious consequences. Those responsible are mostly children and teenagers who may not understand the seriousness of this criminal act.

“We urge all parents to be certain their youngsters are not involved.”

Police are also investigating an attack on Saturday at about 1.46pm. The assault took place on Dereham Road, Norwich.

The victim, a 25-year-old man, was driving a single decker First bus when he was assaulted by a passenger. The passenger, a male youth aged about 16, at first verbally abused the driver in a row over a bus fare but then spat at him as he left the bus.

Contact police on 0845 4564567 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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