Chef Richard Hughes’ shares his top 10 Christmas tips

Chef, Richard Hughes, gives a bread masterclass to children from Browick Road School in Wymondham a

Chef, Richard Hughes, gives a bread masterclass to children from Browick Road School in Wymondham as part of the Chefs Adopt A School programme.Byline: Sonya DuncanCopyright: Archant 2016 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

He's one of Norfolk's most famous chefs, and he has been busy passing on his culinary secrets to pupils at Wymondham's Browick Road Primary School.

And now Richard Hughes is sharing his top 10 Christmas cooking tips with our readers:

1. Always use your roasting juices as a base for a wonderful gravy.

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2. Start your Christmas cake in August each year. Every month use a knitting needle, as my mum did, to pierce the cake and soak with brandy.

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3. Making bread rolls with the family on Christmas morning is the perfect way to start the day - the smell of bread baking in the oven invokes the spirit of Christmas!

4. To ensure your Yorkshire puddings raise, make your batter the day before, let the batter rest and use very hot oil for baking.

5. Never use Christmas Day to try new recipes for the first time.

6. A sprinkle of salt and pepper always brings out the best in your ingredients.

7. Roast potatoes are best part-boiled and cooled the day before. Then on the big day shake in a colander to add texture and roast in goose fat.

8. My favourite vegan alternative to the traditional roast dinner is stuffed baby pumpkin with an oat crumble.

9. Roasted vegetables such as parsnips, carrots, sprouts, seasoned with chopped rosemary can go into the oven alongside the roast potatoes for perfect and simple vegetables.

10. Teamwork: Whoever makes the Christmas dinner, gets out of washing up! Always say yes when you're offered help and when friends and family are pouring wine!

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