Cheers! Celebrations as post office opens in pub

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Glasses were raised for the official opening of a post office in a pub.

Lord mayor of Norwich Brenda Arthur put the stamp on the celebrations at The Cellar House in Eaton, near Norwich, on Saturday.

The post office has been located inside the pub on Eaton Street after a successful bid to rescue the service from closure. A survey of residents overwhelmingly came out in support of the proposal and the pub owners Victoria and Grahame MacDonald delivered on their promise to rescue the post office.

Services are now provided from a counter space at the 'quieter' end of the bar.

Mrs MacDonald said post office customers were 'thrilled' by the move.

She added: 'There would have been lots of people who would have disadvantaged if we had not taken on the branch, from the elderly to those with young children, to local businesses. In fact, they have all gained because of the extended opening hours.'

The occasion was part of a big community fun-day with live music and fundraising for Norfolk children's bereavement charity Nelson's Journey.

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The move is part of a modernisation programme across the post office network.

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