Charley Boorman honours heroes in Hunstanton

He is best known for biking his way around the globe but yesterday adventurer Charley Boorman used his feet to stroll across the sands of Hunstanton to honour those who have fought for their country.

The actor arrived in the west Norfolk coastal town just before 11am to team up with fellow adventurer Eddie Craven, who is walking 4,000 miles around the coast of Great Britain.

Ex-servicemen Craven started his year-long trek in September after setting off from Devon with a heavy backpack containing his tent, mess tins and flying a Union Jack.

Mr Craven, who served in Bosnia, hopes his marathon effort will raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and The Warrior Programme, which helps those suffering from the disorder.

He also wants to raise enough funds to help set up a permanent centre where ex-servicemen and women can find sanctuary and receive treatment for their condition.

He said: 'You can be given all the drugs in the world but you have got to get to the root of your issues to be able to start to rebuild your life.

'It has been my dream to get a farm building, do it up and then open it as a retreat to help ex-servicemen and women but I need to raise the funds first.

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'The Warrior Programme helped put me back in order and I am no longer living in the woods so I want others to be able to be helped as well.'

The veteran said he has received a good reception from those people he has come across so far and has even picked up a companion - Dave the dog.

He continued: 'I wanted to have a dog to start with but didn't get round to it so when I got to Margate and I thought the loneliness was getting stupid I picked up Dave.

'We've had a few disputes along the way and he is hard work but by and large it's been great having him with me.'

Mr Boorman joined his fellow adventurer along the beach in Hunstanton before leaving him to take in Snettisham and King's Lynn. The Bosnia veteran will leave Norfolk tomorrow and head towards Lincolnshire.

The TV adventurer said: 'I was in Afghanistan last year and got to see at first hand what people are going through.

'It was incredible to see what they are doing out there but there are some who will have seen too much and need our help.

'This is why the Warrior Programme is so important because it has been a great help to ex-service personnel like Eddie.

'He has gone through a lot, been sent to the programme and still has issues but can now see a future for himself.'

He added: 'The programme is not just for ex-soldiers but for all sorts of people who have lost their way. It gives them the tools to move on and stop thinking about the past.'

Mr Boorman, who starred alongside Ewan McGregor in TV series hit Long Way Down, said he envied Mr Craven for having the chance to 're-discover Great Britain'

Eva Hamilton, who co-founded the Warrior Programme, said Mr Craven has raised �2,500 so far and added: 'The first time I met Eddie he had demons in his head and he was drinking a lot.

'But he came along to see us and the transformation over the past year has been extraordinary - he has really changed.'