Charity urges heating oil users to stock up before winter

Don't wait for winter to buy your heating oil

Don't wait for winter to buy your heating oil - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk charity is urging people who depend on heating oil for their homes to buy early and save money ahead of the colder weather and longer nights approaching.

Community Action Norfolk (CAN), a Dereham-based organisation committed to tackling issues of fuel poverty and which supports a range of initiatives across Norfolk, runs a collective buying service that helps make buying heating oil less stressful and more manageable.

ThinkingFuel offers consistently low prices on heating oil by encouraging people to buy as part of a bulk-buy scheme.

Chief executive Jon Clemo said: 'Heating oil is an unregulated commodity. Unlike mains gas and electricity, there are no rules and regulations or price controls.

'Oil can be subject to dramatic price fluctuations and you can't easily buy it in small helpings just when you need it. The message we want to send to all heating oil users across the county is to check that your tank is up to standard and buy your oil now, before winter arrives.'

He added that comparing prices for oil is very difficult for the consumer because of fluctuations in price between days, quantities ordered, locations and delivery times.

Collective buying schemes offer a fair, flexible and accessible way to buy oil. Everyone in the scheme gets a really low price on their oil because it's bought in bulk and all the members pay the same price per litre no matter how much they order.

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CAN operate ThinkingFuel in partnership with AF Affinity, Anglia Farmers' bulk buying group, whose expert professional buyers are able to negotiate considerable discounts.

Mr Clemo added: 'It's also part of our wider strategy of supporting households and communities and addressing the issue of fuel poverty in Norfolk.'

ThinkingFuel now has 3,000 members across Norfolk. The bulk ordering takes place on two key days each month to maximise savings, which is when members can get the best price, but they can order oil on any working day of the month and still get a competitive price.

For more information call 01362 698162.

You can also find out more online here where the charity is also currently offering free lifetime individual membership of ThinkingFuel.