Charities to lose out after Norwich cyclist is hurt in accident

A Norwich man who was pushed from his bike as he cycled home from work said it is charities who will lose out from the crash.

Christoper Newman, 20, was cycling home from work in North Walsham when a drunk man staggered back from the path of an oncoming bus and grabbed the handlebars of his bike sending him flying onto the curb of a nearby pavement.

The 20-year-old was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital with concussion and suffered severe ligament damage.

He thinks that it will leave him out of action for a while and he is unsure if he will be able to take part in planned charity cycle races.

Mr Newman was on his way home from work when the incident happened on Wensum Street last Tuesday.

'There was a clear road, about 150 yards. This drunk guy decided to walk out in front of me,' he said. He added that he tried to avoid the man, but he had grabbed his handlebars.

'I took the full force. I was in hospital until the early hours of the next morning,' he added.

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Mr Newman, of Angel Road in the north of the city, was hoping to do the Norwich 100 and the London to Brighton cycle race to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in June.

'It is the charities who are going to suffer. I do a lot of cycling for charity. I'll have to wait and see as it will take time, but I will try my hardest to do them', he said.

He said that at the moment he would not know if he could train for the races until he got on his bike, but it seemed doubtful.

The plastic mould tool maker said he also wanted to thank the man who was first at the scene to help him because without his intervention he would have lost a lot more blood.

'The person who dealt with me as the first person on the scene was fantastic. I owe him a big thank you. He did everything. He assessed me medically.'

He said the incident had caused at least �800-worth of damage to his bike.

He will also now have to get the train from Norwich to work in North Walsham.