Charities could benefit from revamp of Norwich Airport McDonalds

The McDonalds restaurant near Norwich International Airport has had the builders in this week for a refurbishment - and a charity could benefit as a result.

The store's drive-thru service has been out of action since Monday due to a technological upgrade, but hopes to be open again at around 4pm today.

Franchisee Kevin Foley, who also owns the Tuckswood store, explained: 'Customers will now speak into an electronic screen which will display their order so it should be 100pc accurate. We hope it will be open again by 4pm, but you never know, there could be some technical gremlins!'

The work is to bring the store up to date with the latest McDonalds store designs but will also be adding 24 new outdoor seats in time for the summer.

Some of this work will see the restaurant closed on Monday, although the new drive-thru service will ensure that it is business as usual.

Mr Foley continued: 'The grass area out the front of the restaurant always looked a bit bare so there is extra seating being put there and a zebra crossing installed across the drive-thru lane to access it.

'The outside seating tends to be more of a family area and a lot of our customers are families so I hope it will prove popular and will brighten up the area.'

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The refurbishment will see a lot of the restaurant's chairs being replaced and Mr Foley would like to see a charity make use of them rather than throw them away.

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