Chance to see top chef Richard Bainbridge in action via interactive mirror at Benedicts restaurant

Chef and owner of Benedicts restaurant in Norwich in his new interactive mirror which is a new featu

Chef and owner of Benedicts restaurant in Norwich in his new interactive mirror which is a new feature of the restaurant. He is pictured with Andy Pallant from Hughes which supplied the technololgy. Picture: SUPPLIED BY PARTNERSHIP PLUS LTD. - Credit: PARTNERSHIP PLUS LTD

Private diners at a top city restaurant will be able to enjoy a glimpse of a celebrity chef at work.

The 2015 Great British Menu winner Richard Bainbridge has launched an interactive television screen in the first floor private dining room of his Benedicts restaurant.

Disguised as a Victorian-style mirror, the SMART television allows guests to communicate with the chef in the kitchen which is in the building's basement.

The technology has allowed Mr Bainbridge to offer a chef's table experience with a difference.

He said: 'A chef's table is a great way to interact with customers and a fabulous addition to any restaurant but I knew with the size and location of our kitchen it was never going to happen.

'I had the notion of some sort of TV link but operating out of a stylish Victorian building meant a modern television would just not have fitted into the décor so it went to the back of my mind.'

His dream became a reality after spotting the TV in a Frame in the electrical store Hughes Home Tech.

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'There was a lovely mirror on a stand which a second later became a TV and then it went back to a mirror, so I had to know more.

'Originally we thought the system would only be used by foodies who were interested in what was happening in the kitchen.

'But it has been perfect for presentations during business meetings in the room and even to entertain children during a family get together,' the chef added.

A camera hardy enough to cope with the hot and humid conditions has been used.

Mr Bainbridge trained at Norwich City College before working as a head chef at Michelin-starred restaurant Morston Hall on the Norfolk coast.

He took over Benedicts in June 2015.

Anyone can book the private dining room for lunch or dinne which can cater for eight-14 people.

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