Centenarian says humour is the key to a long life

Celia Moss celebrating her 100th birthday on Friday, November 13th. Picture: James Bass

Celia Moss celebrating her 100th birthday on Friday, November 13th. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Keeping a sense of humour and looking after others has helped a great grandmother to reach her 100th birthday milestone.

Celia Moss hit her century on Friday and was treated to a birthday party at the Burlingham House Care Home, where she has been a resident for the past two and a half years.

On reaching the impressive milestone Celia said: 'Well I don't feel any different really. I still feel quite fit and healthy for my age. I think through your life it is important to have a good sense of humour and to help other people as much as you possibly can.'

Celia was born in London but moved to Northampton shortly afterwards with her parents.

She met her husband Leonard George Moss in Northampton and the pair got married at the Abbey Road Baptist Church when she was in her mid-twenties.

Celia added: 'I knew from the moment I met Leonard that I wanted to marry and spend my life with him. 'He worked as an electrical engineer and was a very clever man.

'I remember that his family seemed to have electricity in their home before anybody else.'

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The pair went on to have two children, called Christine and Richard, and Celia now has one granddaughter called Julia and two great granddaughters called August and Erica.

She moved to Norfolk from the Northampton in the wake of family members who came for the Broads.

Celia and her husband liked to go on holidays around the UK including trips to Scotland, Cornwall and Great Yarmouth.

The centenarian's favourite hobby is reading and she likes nothing more than to get stuck into a novel or newspaper to catch up on what is going on.

She said: 'I love to read. I would say that novels are my favourites but they have to have a deep meaning to them. I don't like books which are just made up of love stories, that is not really for me.'

Carer Jenny Fish said: 'What an achievement it is to reach 100! Celia is still very independent for her age and she just loves to get involved with all the activities here at the home and the trips that we do.'

Celia received a card from the Queen at her birthday party and surprises including a visit from her sister Ivy.

Celia said: 'The party was just lovely, it was so nice to see my family and friends here. I hadn't seen Ivy for a very long time so it was wonderful to she her again.

'I must make sure that I get the letter from the Queen framed because that was a lovely thing to receive.'