Celebratory canary has heart of glass

A master glassmaker and lifelong Norwich City supporter has fashioned a crystal and glass canary to celebrate his team's glittering promotion season.

Paul Miller, of Langham Glass, has created 250 of the limited edition six-inch ornaments, which he hopes will become collectors' items for future generations of fans.

Each handmade canary will be signed, given a certificate of authenticity and numbered in sequence – with numbers 001 and 002 already despatched to club director Delia Smith and manager Paul Lambert as gifts.

'I hope they are pleased with them,' he said. 'I eat at Delia's restaurant with my friends every home match, so it would be lovely if she were to acknowledge it.'

Mr Miller co-founded Langham Glass in 1979, which is now based at Tattersett Business Park, near Fakenham.

The 60-year-old Carrow Road season ticket-holder said the excitement of the promotion campaign ranked alongside the club's 1958/59 FA Cup run, and inspired him to re-visit an earlier design for the chirpy bird on the club's badge.

'Norwich City's fortunes have been up and down over the years, but getting into the Premier League is something that every supporter would long to see for his team,' he said.

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'I had actually played around with the design for a canary some time ago. I had partly developed it, but then I thought: 'Wouldn't it be nice to offer that as a memento, so future supporters could remember this season?' It is very stylised. It has a straight back and sits on a yellow ball.'

Mr Miller said he hoped Norwich's grip on the top flight would not be as fragile as his precious crystal and glass souvenirs.

'You have to worry whether we will be a yo-yo side like West Brom, but I think, with the present management, there is a chance we could stay up there for some time,' he said.

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