£2,000 haul for Catton Grove primary school in recycling campaign

Pupils at Catton Grove Primary School celebrate earning 2000 from taking part in the 'Recycling Star

Pupils at Catton Grove Primary School celebrate earning 2000 from taking part in the 'Recycling Stars' Campaign - Credit: Jeff Taylor/ Norwich City Council

Catton Grove Primary School students were handed a giant cheque for £2,000 by the city council cabinet member for waste and recycling after they helped amass more than 5,500 recycling vouchers.

The 'Recycling Stars' campaign, led by Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council, rewarded residents in the school's catchment area with 'star vouchers' for every blue bin presented that contained only clean, dry and loose recyclable items.

Bonus stars were also earned if they used their food waste caddy for recycling.

In the space of just five months residents notched up 5,563 vouchers, which were exchanged for cash for the school.

Much of the effort behind the impressive results came from the school's pupils, particularly those on the school council who spearheaded the response to the campaign.

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Following a special assembly on Wednesday, school council members posed in front of a Biffa recycling lorry to receive their hard-earned cash.

Cllr Kevin Maguire. Norwich City Council cabinet member for waste and recycling, said: 'I must say well done to the children - they go home and tell their parents who then really get behind the campaign.

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'Almost 6,000 stars in such as short space of time shows the kids have really got behind it.

''Recycling Stars' has been all about working together to improve the quality and quantity of recycling we collect, and the results prove it has been a resounding success.'

It is hoped that the scheme's success will lead to more improvements in Norwich's recycling output, and a follow-up audit in the catchment area has shown decreased contamination rates and an increase in recycling generally.

Waste management company Biffa, who participated in the 'Recycling Stars' campaign, will be working with the council again on a new project centred around single-use plastic.

The school council plan on investing the funds in a new quite area pupils can use during break times, where they can read a book or get away from the noise of a typical school playground.

School council member Melissa, 10, said: 'When we recycle we can make new things out of it but you can't do that if you put your rubbish in the dustbin.'

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