Dinner for two: Hedgehog and cat are the very best of friends

Mr Hedgehog and Sooty enjoying a spot of fine dining

Mr Hedgehog and Sooty enjoying a spot of fine dining

Every evening, 17-year-old Sooty settles down to her dinner where she is joined by a very unusual friend - Mr Hedgehog.

Karen Massingham and her husband David live in Briston with their two black cats, Wilbur and Sooty, and their terrier Stanley.

However for the past 2 years, they have also welcomed another animal into their lives - a hedgehog the family have nicknamed 'Mr Hedgehog'.

Each dinnertime, when the cats tuck into their supper, Mr Hedgehog also joins them.

Sooty, the oldest cat who is also going deaf, selflessly shares her food with him.

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'We leave clean water out but he loves the cat food,' said Mrs Massingham.

'We see him wandering about the drive at times waiting for his supper.'

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He has become a key member of the Massingham family and is no longer afraid of humans, or even the couple's dog Stanley.

'If we walk about to collect food dishes Mr Hedgehog waits patiently and doesn't run away.'

A lovely, utterly adorable friendship that hopefully continues for many years to come.

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