Cat is reunited with Aylsham owner after going missing for nearly two years

Sarah Ellis reunited with her cat Fleur.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Sarah Ellis reunited with her cat Fleur.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

She was missing for over a year and hope had been lost of ever seeing her again.

But after miraculously turning up 20 miles away Fleur the cat is now back home in the comfort of her owner's arms.

Fleur, who is grey and white, went missing from her home in Norwich Road Aylsham, in November 2014 after being let out by her owner Sarah Ellis.

Miss Ellis, 45, who works as a cleaner at The Black Boys Hotel in Aylsham, had adopted Fleur and her sister Pickles, from the Cats Protection charity in March 2014, when both cats were eight weeks old.

Miss Ellis said: 'We just let her out one morning and she never came back, we had given up all hope of finding her or getting her back.'

At the time Miss Ellis told the vets what had happened as Fleur was microchipped, but they heard nothing from anyone about where she could be.

Fleur was handed in to The Grove Veterinary Surgery in Fakenham on Saturday, March 26, by a gentleman and appeared to be in a good condition considering how long she had been gone.

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Receptionist Victoria Taylor said: 'It is a mystery as to where she had been, but she was found near Fakenham.'

Using her microchip the surgery staff were able to locate Fleur's owner and pass on the good news.

Miss Ellis, who also has three labrador dogs, said: 'She is fine, I went to work and let her out, even though I was a bit nervous but she just wanted to go out, and when I came back three hours later she was in the garden waiting for me.'

However, although Miss Ellis now has Fleur safely back at home, her sister Pickles has gone missing.

Miss Ellis said: 'It is a worry she has gone missing for a week before but now it has been six or seven weeks.'

She is now waiting to see if Pickles, who is jet black and described as quite tiny, will return home and the sisters can be reunited.

Anyone who does see Pickles is asked to take her to a local vet as she is also microchipped.

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