Cat found dead in a home-made snare at Stanground

Animal lovers are appealing for information after a cat was found dead in a home-made snare.

The animal was found dead on Monday 1 August by a member of the public at Stanground, near Peterborough.

The snare consisted of a piece of wire which was pulled tight around her body and this was attached to a wooden stake.

It is thought the cat had died because she had become trapped behind the back of a shed and the snare made it impossible for her to escape. It is believed the cat died from dehydration and exhaustion.

The cat was spotted on Thursday, July 28. But sadly it moved from the location and could not be found.

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RSPCA animal welfare officer (AWO) Kathy Hornig said: 'This poor cat would have died a harrowing and unnecessary death. The cat, which was around four years old, was microchipped and the owner was devastated when we broke the news to them that their cat had died.

'This was an illegal snare and I would like to hear from anyone who may have any information as to who may have left this snare in this area.

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'I also want to alert pet owners in Stanground, especially in the Coneygree Road area, to the possibility that there may be snares nearby. If anyone does find a snare similar to this we would urge them to contact the RSPCA immediately.'

Anyone with any information is urged to call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.

In addition to the suffering caused to the foxes and rabbits for which the snares are set, the RSPCA frequently gets reports of cats, dogs, badgers and deer being caught and injured in snares.

RSPCA inspectorate surveys show that only a third of the animals caught in snares were actually the species intended to be caught and the RSPCA would like to see snares banned completely.

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