Castle Mall’s Quiet Hour returns to show support for Autism within the centre

The Castle Mall. Picture: Dudley Racher

The Castle Mall. Picture: Dudley Racher - Credit: dudley racher

A Norwich shopping centre has teamed up with retailers to support people with autism.

Castle Mall, along with The Entertainer, The Tea Junction and Norwich Travel, are showing their support on Saturdays by turning off music from 9am to 10am.

They hope it will help people with autism cope with shopping at their leisure in an environment they feel more comfortable in.

During the first hour of trade for The Entertainer, the music and loud demo products will be turned off.

Castle Mall have also asked that shoppers do not play the public piano during the hour.

Shopping centre manager, Rob Bradley, said: 'Being a keen supporter within our community, we want to show our support for people who suffer with autism and help understand how it must feel to be surrounded by bright lights and loud music. By offering a peaceful time before 10am on a Saturday, we hope many shoppers will come to shop with us to take advantage of this quiet time.'