Castle Acre Primary School closed for water work

A village school near Swaffham is closed today because its water supply was turned off to allow a replacement section of pipework to be installed.

Castle Acre Primary School closed this morning, Tuesday 8, as Anglian Water began improvements to part of its existing water main.

The work has also disrupted supplies to homes and other users, but is due to be completed this afternoon.

John Clare from Anglian Water said: 'People in Castle Acre have experienced low water pressure during the summer months and our investigations found this was due to the water main narrowing as it entered the village.

'This narrow section of pipe is now being replaced and this should mean an improved supply for residents, with more consistent pressure throughout the year.

'It does of course mean we have had to turn off the water for a few hours and we warned people in advance this would be happening.

'Work is under way and everything should be back to normal by early afternoon. Hopefully the long term benefits will easily outweigh any temporary inconvenience.'