Seven-month-old baby boy died on sofa where he slept in tragic accident

The inquest into Mr Dale's death was opened at Norfolk Coroners Court in Norwich Picture: Simon Park

 Norfolk Coroners Court in Norwich - Credit: Simon Parkin

The death of a seven-month-old boy who was found face down on the sofa where he slept with his mother was a tragic accident, an inquest has concluded.

The hearing into the death of Carter Cook at Norfolk Coroner’s Court in Norwich on Friday, December 4 concluded it was accident due to sleeping arrangements.

The hearing heard how the seven-month-old boy, who was born on May 22, 2019, died at his home address in St Edmundsbury Road in King’s Lynn on Saturday, January 18.

A statement read on behalf of Della George, Carter's mum, said there was not enough space for the family in their three-bedroom house and she usually slept on the sofa with Carter, who was found lying face down in the sofa's groove by her at around 7am on Saturday morning.

The statement said: "With six of us in the house there is not enough bed space for all of us so I sleep on the sofa usually. 

"Carter would sleep with me so it depended where I was and where he was.

"I fell asleep while feeding him, I was in the corner of the sofa and he was resting his head while feeding.

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"The next thing I remember is waking up at 7am on the morning of Saturday, January 18. Carter was on his front.

"I knew then something was wrong. I then picked up Carter. I knew he was gone but a mother's instinct is to pick him up and cradle him, I was in shock. 

"I just cannot process what happened. He was my perfect little boy and was fine when he went to sleep."

The court heard how her brother, David George , was the first to arrive at the house and tried CPR and an ambulance arrived around five minutes after making the call. 

A post-mortem examination found no evidence of natural disease, injury or active interference and the medical cause of death was given as unascertained.

Senior Coroner Jacqueline Lake concluded his death was an accident which was a result of overlaying, wedging or overheating or a combination of one of more of these factors.

She offered her sympathies to the family.

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