Car with four flat tyres seized by police

car seized great yarmouth

A car in Great Yarmouth was seized by police after it transpired the car had no MOT and deflated tyres - Credit: NSRAPT

A driver with four flat tyres and no licence was caught on the coast by police.

The car attracted the attention of an officer on shift in Great Yarmouth at around 10pm on Sunday and was subsequently seized.

dodgy wheel yarmouth car

One of the car's tyres had the cord/ply exposed - Credit: NSRAPT

The vehicle had four underinflated tyres, one of which had the ply/cord exposed. The driver, who had no licence, also had no MOT following its expiry three months ago.

In a tweet by the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing team, officers said the car was confiscated and the driver issued with a road traffic offence.