WATCH: Driver stranded in snow drifts on way to hospital

A tractor was used to dig the car out. 

A tractor was used to dig the car out. - Credit: Supplied by Victoria Lawrence

A driver's video has revealed the treacherous conditions on the roads as heavy snow drifts left him stranded while attempting to transport his father to hospital for emergency surgery.

Victoria Lawrence said her husband, Steve, became stuck on a road just outside Southrepps, near Cromer, at around 5.45am this morning (February 8) and had been unable to move the car for hours as the snow built up. 

Mr Lawrence had been unable to reach his father, so the surgery had to be cancelled. The procedure has now been rescheduled for later in the week.  

Paul Briggs, landlord of the Vernon Arms, came to his aid and attempted to dig out the car, and called for further help. 

A friend with a tractor was able to dig Mr Lawrence out, and he had returned home by 11am. 

The car stranded in the snow at Southrepps, near Cromer. 

The car stranded in the snow at Southrepps, near Cromer. - Credit: Steve Lawrence

Roads blocked or facing deep snow drifts in north Norfolk include, the A140 between Hevingham and Marsham and the Paston-Mundesley Road between Paston and Mundesley.  

The  A149 between Cromer and North Walsham at Gunton had also been blocked, but police reported that by 11.30am it had been reopened and was passable with care. 

Police have urged people to take extra care and only venture onto the roads if absolutely necessary, as further snow is expected to fall throughout the day.