Car pulled from flooded road

Firefighters had to pull out a people carrier with seven adults and children inside today after it got stuck in about two feet of water in a ford.

The Vauxhall Zarifa got in to trouble at Houghton St Giles, near Walsingham, at about midday and a fire crew from Fakenham initially attended.

But as the water was flowing fast and had reached the top of the wheels and some had got in the vehicle, they decided to call out a unit with specialist equipment and a boat from King's Lynn.

The boat was not needed and the firefighters walked through the water and put a so-called strop through the car window which was then attached to a winch and the car was pulled out by the fire engine.

Norfolk Fire Service's west Norfolk district operation manager Peter Holliday said the operation had prevented any damage to the bodywork of the car and the people in the car were 'all fine' when they were rescued.

The urban search and rescue team and their boat from Wymondham were also called out but the incident was dealt with before they arrived.