Car in hit and run with van carrying a toddler on Yarmouth seafront

Police are now looking for the driver of the blue Astra. Picture: Matthew Usher

Police are now looking for the driver of the blue Astra. Picture: Matthew Usher - Credit: Matthew Usher

Police are searching for the driver of a blue Vauxhall Astra who failed to stop after hitting another vehicle.

Officers were called to reports of a hit and run in Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth on Saturday, February 13 just before 11.30am.

A black transit van was hit by the Astra.

The driver was last seen heading in the direction of Jellicoe Road and he is believed to be a white male in his 20s and was wearing a baseball hat.

Mr Nestor, who was travelling with his partner and two-year-old in the van, said: 'I was driving down Caister Road and turned right to pull up on opposite side of the road so the little'un could look at the wind turbines. A car raced up from behind and tried to overtake on wrong side of road.

'He's done thousands of pounds of damage to my van.

'I was stunned to be honest. My partner and son were in tears understandably. It was a big impact and shocked them.'

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No-one was injured in the collision, but Mr Nestor said his family were shook up by the incident.

A police spokesman said that there was a bit of damage to the van as a result of the crash.

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