Capability Brown book a first for Norfolk

Capability Brown book a first for Norfolk

The first book to look at Capability Brown's work in Norfolk will be exclusively sold by a Norwich bookshop, as of today.

Capability Brown in Norfolk, written by members of the Norfolk Gardens Trust research group, was published to mark the 300th anniversary of Capability Brown's birth.

The book looks at the work done by the 18th Century architect Capability Brown, at three sites in Norfolk.

It will be sold exclusively by the independent department store, Jarrold of Norwich.

The work was co-authored by Sally Bate, Tom Williamson, Kate Minnis and Marcia Fenwick.

Sally Bate, the book's editor, said: 'The publication of Capability Brown in Norfolk is the result of a huge amount of effort on the part of a number of people.

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'We're proud of it, particularly of all the excellent photographs of items never seen in print before.'

Chris Bushby, Book Buyer at Jarrold, speaking at the launch, said: 'The book is a refreshing and timely piece of writing on Capability Brown and his work in Norfolk which has been under researched until now.'

Michelle Jarrold, Jarrold Retail Development Director, said: 'We are very pleased to be able to launch it here today.'

'We're very, very excited about this book.'

Asked about the exclusive partnership with Jarrolds Mrs Burt said: 'We believe in supporting local and Jarrold was so helpful with our other book.'

Mrs Jarrold said: 'We always look to support local publishing and stock the widest possible range of titles of interest to East Anglian readers.

'This important study of Capability Brown's work in Norfolk is obviously exactly the kind of publishing initiative we want to support wholeheartedly.'

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