Cancer patients taught changes to diet can have positive body effect

Nutritional therapist Catherine Jeans, left and medical herbalist Alex Hobbs holding a special foo

Nutritional therapist Catherine Jeans, left and medical herbalist Alex Hobbs holding a special food workshop where they will be demonstrating how to make nutritiuos food to cancer patients. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Cancer-sufferers and their families were given tips on how small and simple dietry changes can help them better manage their condition at a workshop hosted by a Norfolk charity.

Nutritional therapist Catherine Jeans and medical herbalist Alex Hobbs, both of Norwich, held a class at the Big C's centre at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, as part of a series of events across the county.

'We try to make a fun workshop where people can learn about small changes to help them support themselves,' Ms Jeans said.

'One of the things we talk about is how to create a 'rainbow diet'.

'Us Brits eat a lot of brown food and we want people to look at each meal as an opportunity to try different foods.'

While the dietry changes won't cure people's cancer, the health benefits of adopting some of the ingredients demonstrated at the workshop will help the body maintain itself in the best way possible.

'One of the things you can do is swap half the flour for wholemeal flour, or keep the skin on apples because it contains lots of fibre which is good for your bowel,' Ms Jeans said.

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'Nuts and seeds are part of the 'superfood' category, because they are rich in calcium and fibre, but there's a large amount of people who don't eat those foods.

'There is even some research which suggests fibre can help prevent certain types of cancer.'

Other recommended foods for patients with cancer include ginger, chestnut, vegetable soup. broccoli, oily fish, turmeric products, and pumpkin seeds.

During the workshop the duo talked about and made certain dishes which were then given to the audience to taste.

The workshop at the N&N was among a series of events organised at Big C centres in Norfolk.

The duo presented in King's Lynn last week and are holding two workshops in Great Yarmouth today : at the Louise Hamilton Centre, James Paget Hospital (10.30am), and at the Big C Centre, Great Yarmouth (2pm).

It is the third year The Big C has funded the workshops.

For more information on attending one of the free workshops call 01493 855297.

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