Canaries’ star Ryan Bennett hits out at proposed energy unit near Wymondham

Ryan Bennett. Photo: PAUL CHESTERTON

Ryan Bennett. Photo: PAUL CHESTERTON - Credit: Richard Blaxall/Focus Images Ltd

A Norwich City star is calling on local residents to fight plans to build an anaerobic digestion unit near a rural village.

Ryan Bennett took to Twitter to urge 'people of Wymondham and surrounding areas' to fight plans for the unit on land off Morley Lane, Morley St Botolph, between Wymondham and Attleborough.

Richard Long Ltd, a transport firm based in Crownthorpe, wants to install the plant, which would be used to produce energy from slurry and crops.

Some local residents fear it will have a devastating effect on the environment, become a source of excess noise, and a hazard for road users and pedestrians.

Mr Bennett echoed those fears - tweeting: 'People of Wymondham and surrounding areas, don't let this happen' - and tweeted a picture with details of the planning application submitted to South Norfolk Council.

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And Craig McLeod, chairman of Morley Parish Council, said it would be a 'ridiculous' site for the project.

Mr McLeod said: 'Most of us in the locality are not dismissive of something that's designed to be a renewable energy source, but it's just not the right location.

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'This particular application is on a green piece of land going up a hill so it's highly visible.

'We have two schools in the area and no pavement, and have already had major issues with near misses on the road.

'The infrastructure just isn't suitable and that's the biggest problem, and of course, it's likely to be very smelly as well.'

The council has so far received 50 public objections to the plan and three submissions in support of it.

Deborah Glover, another nearby resident, said in her objection: 'I fear the pleasure of running/cycling down Tuttles Lane and many other beautiful places in around Wymondham will be adversely affected.

'The untold effect to the water table of an industrial digester manufacturing is a nightmare. Growing crops, wildlife and rivers will all be effected and change significantly.

'What I mean is what crops we grow well now are unlikely to in two to three years' time due to change in acidity in the soil.'

Another objection, from Victoria Hicks, of Morley St Botolph, read: 'The roads in Morley are already dangerous for my three children walking to school. The added traffic this would involve would be horrendous.'

Wicklewood Parish Councils is also opposing the plans.

Comments close on February 16 and can be made here.

Richard Long Ltd has not yet replied to a request for comment.

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