Can you re-home one of these animals from RSPCA East Norfolk?

Tiny is still with us!

Tiny is still with us! - Credit: Archant

If you are looking for a new pet, then look no further as the RSPCA have many animals that need a home in Norfolk.

This week there are lots of lovely animals still waiting for homes, can you help by taking one of them in?

•JD has been with us for many months and is going crazy waiting for a home. He needs to be in a home really soon with a nice garden for him to explore.

•Vera is another long stay resident. She is nine-years-old and wonders keeps getting over looked. She is sweet and pretty, can you take her in?

•Tiny has been with us for a long time. He is 12 years-old and really wants a nice quiet home with just a lap for a cuddle. He is not asking for much just to be loved and looked after.

•Raven is around 10 years of age. She is super affectionate, loves to play and is great company. She can be found sitting at the edge of her pen waiting for someone to come for her.

•Kezzy is young and pretty and playful. She can be a little timid around new people and is not very good around children as they make her nervous. .

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•Patsy has been with us several months recovering as when she arrived she was really poorly. She has been fit and well for a long time now and is young and full of fun. We would like to get her settled really soon as she is such a smashing cat.

•Polar is a very handsome white cat and very unique as we don't often see cats with his colouring. He is adorable, loving and had lived his life on the streets for some time.

•Doc is a big black and white cat and he is around two-years-old. He has lived all of his life as an indoor cat and looks forward to the day when he can explore the outside world but he will need an adult home as he can be shy.

Hobnob is less than a year old and been in the care of the RSPCA since he was a kitten. He was very unwell but he is much better now and ready for a new home.

•Whiffy the ferret is a live wire. He is used to be handled but can be a little nippy so would be good for someone who has had experience of ferrets. We think Whiffy is around two-years-old and has recently been castrated, chipped and vaccinated.

•All of our animals are examined by a vet, microchipped, vaccinated, neutered and on a flea and worm program. You can also get six weeks free pet insurance if you register on adoption.

If you would like to adopt one of our animals please call our rehoming line on 07867 972870 or visit our website for more animals or further information