Can you identify mystery animal seen in Swaffham?

Council CCTV cameras captured an unusual nocturnal visitor in Swaffham.

An animal resembling an otter is seen crossing the road outside the Town Hall, on the Market Place, just before 2am.

Rob Walker, executive director of place for Breckland council, tweeted a picture of the creature, appealing for help identifying it.

A number of the animals have been sighted recently in the Gooderstone Road area of Swaffham, which crosses the River Gadder.

Otters are now more common in Norfolk than they have been for more than half a century.

Their numbers were decimated in post-war years by pesticides leaching into the food chain and the animals were an endangered species by the time hunting them was banned in the 1970s.

Now they have made a spectacular comeback and inhabit every river system in East Anglia.

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If not a young otter, the animal could be a mink.

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