Can you help this Norwich City supporter in her search for a fellow football fan?

20-year-old Bryony Davies has tracked down the fellow Norwich City Fan to offer her assistance to hi

20-year-old Bryony Davies has tracked down the fellow Norwich City Fan to offer her assistance to him. Photo supplied by Bryony Davies - Credit: Bryony Davies

One woman is on the hunt to track down a fellow Norwich City Football supporter and hopes the public may be able to help.

Bryony Davies, a 20-year-old from Norwich, was heading home from Carrow Road after watching Norwich City's clash against Barnsley on Saturday when she spotted a man who seemed to be struggling with the wet pavement.

Stopping, she offered to help him walk to the train station where a taxi was waiting for him.

Miss Davies said: 'The man, named John, told me how he was diagnosed with Parkinson's, an illness close to my heart, and the stick he was walking with doesn't help much when it's raining.

'He told me he lost his wife two weeks ago and his family are not local, although do see him when possible. The man appeared lonely, it really made my heart sink.

'When we got to the train station there was a queue so I waited with him in the rain. He said he found it harder to stand than walk, so I couldn't just leave him there knowing he might have fell.

'We chatted the whole time and then when I helped him in the taxi, he told me 'don't ever change young lady' and continued with some of the kindest words.'

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Miss Davies shared the story of the meeting on Facebook in the hopes of finding John, a post which has now been shared hundreds of times including by Norwich City Football Club.

'I wasn't expecting such a huge response from the club, the footballers, reporters and general public,' she said. 'I don't want to offend the man, and if he doesn't want to come forward I totally understand. I would just like to have a chance to say thank you again for how kind he was and to offer support again in the future if he wishes.'

She added: 'My dad was club hero that game and he suffers from Parkinson's. If that was him, I would hope someone would do the same and be kind.'

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