Campaign stepped up to fight growth plans in Reepham

A campaign has gathered pace to oppose plans for a major expansion of Reepham.

Broadland District Council has included two sites which could get up to 250 homes as part of a blueprint for the area.

Local people claim not to have been consulted over the proposals - for land at Cawston Road and Park Lane/Dereham Road - and a group called Realistic Reepham has been formed.

The group held information sessions on Saturday to highlight the issue and has started a petition calling on the council to reject schemes which would 'have an adverse effect on the surrounding environment and will severely impact on the town's infrastucture.'

Mark Bridges, who launched Realistic Reepham, said 200 people had already signed the petition, which also calls for 'sustainable development' in the town.

He said the deadline for consultations was on December 19 and very few people had known what was proposed for Reepham.

'We have had a fantastic response from local people today. I want Reepham people to be active on what is happening in their town. Reepham is a very special place and we want to keep it that way,' he said.

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Broadland MP Keith Simpson was among those viewing the plans and said: 'Most people I have spoken to are not nimbys but are concerned about the scale of development which could totally change Reepham.'

He said there were concerns about the town's infrastructure, such as doctors, schools and roads.

Mr Simpson said he welcomed the information sessions.

'This is what is should be about. Gone are the days when local government can just go through the motions of consultation and they must listen to local people and it is good that the local community has woken up to it.'

Mr Simpson said he would be discussing the Reepham issue when he meets the leader and chief executive of Broadland District Council on Friday.

*To see the proposals for Reepham visit Broadland District Council's website For more information on the campaign and how to respond see the website: