Cambridgeshire crime figures fall

Crime in central division, including Wisbech, remains at static levels with robbery and burlgary figures down, but serious sexual offences increasing.

CRIME has fallen in Cambridgeshire with more than 3,500 fewer victims last year, annual figures have revealed.

Force statistics for the year ending March 31 show there were 56,620 crimes, a fall of about 6pc on the year before when there were 60,143 crimes.

It was a similar story for burglary, vehicle crime and robbery figures, which all fell compared to 2009/10.

As the number of offences fell, the number of crimes being detected rose with 16,947 last year compared to 16,104 the year before, resulting in 843 more offenders were brought to justice.

Chief Constable Simon Parr said: 'These figures show that despite the economic downturn and the reductions to our budget, we are continuing to successfully tackle crime.

'It is particularly pleasing to see anti-social behaviour reduced by more than 5,000 incidents - that's 5,000 fewer victims - and significant reductions in crimes which can have a massive impact on victims, such as burglary and robbery.

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'However, we must not be complacent and we will not let up in our efforts to drive down crime.

'We are facing financial challenges in coming years but these will not prevent us from making criminals' lives difficult. It is my aim to make them fear crime, and its consequences, not members of the public.'

The central division, which includes Wisbech, Fenland and Huntingdon, saw no rise in crime over the previous year.

While some areas of crime fell others increased slightly, meaning the figures overall have remained broadly the same.Total crime dropped by only one offence - from 15,621 to 15,620.

The biggest reduction was in robberies which are down by 16.8pc from 131 to 110 offences. Burglary is also down by 6.5pc from 826 to 772 offences.

Deputy Divisional Commander, Supt Tom Mackinnon said: 'I am particularly pleased with the reductions in robbery and burglary - crimes which have a massive impact on victims.

'It means there were 75 fewer victims of these types of crime and we will be working hard in the coming year to reduce the number of offences further.'

Criminal damage was reduced by 11.5pc - from 3,572 to 3,163 offences - leaving 409 fewer victims than the previous year.

Incidents of anti-social behaviour also fell - from 15,019 to 13,168 incidents - a 12.3pc drop.

Supt Mackinnon added: 'Although there has been no specific operation to target criminal damage, neighbourhood police teams have been working within communities to identify offenders and provide advice to residents to prevent them from becoming a victim.

'It is the kind of lower level crime that has a large impact on communities and we are pleased to see dramatic reductions in this area.'

Racially aggravated crime fell by 23.5pc - from 102 to 78 offences - equivalent to 24 fewer offences.

All recorded violence with injury rose by 5.4pc - from 1,240 to 1,307 offences - equivalent to 67 more offences.

Vehicle crime increased by 7.6pc - from 1,404 to 1,511 offences - equivalent to 107 more crimes.

Serious sexual offences also increased by 7.1pc - from 155 to 166 offences - equivalent to 11 more crimes.