Call for cafes in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth to be breastfeeding friendly

Rhia Bowles has started a campaign to get cafes in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth to be breastfeeding

Rhia Bowles has started a campaign to get cafes in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth to be breastfeeding friendly.Rhia with her baby son Miller.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

A mum whose breastfeeding fears were put at ease by a simple sign has started a campaign to make others like her feel more confident.

Rhia Bowles was at a cafe in Attleborough with her 18-week-old son, Miller, when she spotted a sign which made her feel at ease.

'I always feel a little uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public,' said Rhia, 30.

'But when I got to the cafe and saw they had a breastfeeding friendly sign, I can't tell you how comfortable that made me feel, and that made me think that I hadn't seen any similar signs in Gorleston.

'Legally, no one can discriminate and you are allowed to breastfeed in public, so I thought I'd print off some signs and see how many places would put them up.'

Now, an increasing number of businesses in Gorleston High Street are proudly displaying that they are breastfeeding friendly. Already displaying the signs are Magic City, Tides restaurant, QD cafe, Picasso cafe, Flour and Bean Bakery, Cozies, Costa, HBB, the Pier Hotel, Marina Bay cafe, Porterhouse, Gambas and Margo's.

Karolyn Hubbard, manager at Margo's Lounge in Bells Road, said: 'We like to think of Margo's as a comfortable and friendly environment for new mothers, so of course we welcome breastfeeding mums.'

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'It's such a small gesture that makes a massive difference,' said Rhia, who lives in Gorleston with husband Chris.

'I've never had a negative comment, but you do feel a little uneasy and you try to be discrete. But after all, this is what they were made for, to feed and nurse children!'

Rhia is keen to stress that she's not trying to force breastfeeding on anyone, but highlight how much of a difference seeing that sign made to her.

'It also shows that the business is tolerant, I think it'll help them get more custom too as well as encouraging mums to be able to breastfeed in public.'

Rhia is hoping that if uptake in Gorleston is high, she can branch out to places in Great Yarmouth too.

'There's a active breastfeeding community in this area,' she added. 'So if anyone can feel more comfortable then it'll be a good thing.'