Call for a by-election after councillor quits Watton Town Council

The Watton Town sign. Picture; Matthew Usher.

The Watton Town sign. Picture; Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

A former Watton councillor has called for a by-election after quitting his role – but the council has warned it cost the town £8,000 to find someone for just seven months.

Alan Osborn, of Griston Road, Watton, has resigned from the town council after 12 years, claiming the council had 'lost its way'.

He said: 'In my opinion the town council has not been functioning correctly.

'There are a lot of things that I think need doing in the town and the council doesn't seem to want to do them.'

In a letter to the Times, Mr Osborn said: 'In my opinion there is a lot in this town that needs to be done but unfortunately the Town Council has rather lost its way.

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'Fresh faces to put something back into the town are required, and it is only right that new councillors are elected by the townspeople.'

If enough people apply for the position, a by-election would take place.

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Council chairman John Rodgers said he had not been given reasons for Mr Osborn's resignation.

He said: 'People have asked for an election but there has got to be two or three people who put their names down. If there is [an election] it will cost Watton £8,000.'

Any councillors elected in a by-election would serve until the local government elections in May 2015.

The council is currently made up of 13 members, including three Breckland councillors.

For more information about the vacancy on the town council visit

Do you think there should be a by-election in Watton? Write to, giving your name, address and contact details.

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