Come and play, as buskers make a beeline for the bandstand

Ian Wells

Buskers Corner is returning to Hunstanton on Saturday, July 3 as art of the town's festival. Pictured is musical director Ian Wells - Credit: Chris Bishop

There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold and she's buying a stairway to Hunny.

Led Zeppelin's iconic number is sure to get an airing when buskers make a beeline for the bandstand at the resort next weekend,

For Hunstanton Festival of Arts' popular Busker’s Corner is returning to the seafront on Saturday, July 3, offering local bands, solo artists and musicians the chance to busk on the bandstand from 12-noon until 4pm.

Ian Wells

Ian Wells in the bandstand at Hunstanton, where buskers will be invited to perform from 12-non - 4pm on Saturday, July 3 - Credit: Chris Bishop

Originally planned to take place over two hours, the time slot has been extended as more musicians keen to showcase their talents have been signing up but there may still be space for anyone who fancies getting up on stage to perform.

Music festival director Ian Wells, who will be performing as well as acting as compére for the afternoon, said: “It feels great to be back at Busker’s Corner to allow local new talent to shine and we’re hoping to see a good crowd to encourage our musicians and of course, enjoy an afternoon of great music - and it’s all free.

"“Anyone wanting to perform can either contact me or just turn up on the day, and we’ll do our best to make sure everyone gets a chance to perform.”

Ian Wells

Festival music director Ian Wells said the idea of Buskers Corner was to encourage new performers to take to the stage for the first time - Credit: Chris Bishop

Retired civil servant and folk fan Mr Wells, 69, said as well as providing entertainment, the object of the event was to encourage people who had never performed in public to take the plunge. 

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"There shouldn't be an expectation from the audience to see perfection," he said. "We're all about encouraging new people.

"We had a young girl playing the ukulele last year, she had the most beautiful voice. If we'd said we were only accepting experienced people, we would never have heard her."

Ian Wells

Buskers Corner returns to Hunstanton on Saturday, July 3. Pictured is Ian Wells, as he practises sitting on the town sign - Credit: Chris Bishop

A live music festival has also been confirmed for the  Lower Green on Sunday, August 8 from 12-noon - 7pm. The full line-up will be confirmed along with stalls and activities. For the latest information got to

Anyone who would like a busking slot can call Mr Wells on 07766 561993.